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Some people think that it has to be annoying or tedious to secure your home. This process doesn't have to inconvenience you. The article below will show you how its done.

Do not give the key to your home to your cleaning person unless you are certain they are worthy of your trust. If they need the keys and plan on being in there for more than an hour, try to ensure that they are honest, hardworking, and reputable. Check their references very carefully. If you hire a cleaner who works for a company, speak with your local BBB about the company's reliability.

If you've got lots of people you don't know on your social networks, don't let them know that you're going to be on vacation. Potential intruders could get a good idea of when you will be gone by monitoring what you share on social networks.

Home security systems aren't just about sounding alarms. Most systems could sound an alarm when someone enters the home. If you have little ones wandering about the house, this makes it easy for you to know if they have come in or gone out.

Check with your local law enforcement agency about home protection plans. There are lots of different programs, like home inspections, that will help you take the proper steps to make sure your home adequately protected. Contact the police department to see if they have something similar.

You need to change our locks as your first step to ensuring your safety. If you have boarders, former live-in partners, or others who once had access to your home, this is especially important. It is not expensive and you can do it in less than a day.

Secure your attached garage. It is possible for an intruder to get in the garage and then gain access to the house; however, you can do something about it. Simply attach a C-clamp near the roller on the door track.

A home security system may be the right choice for you and your family. You might just need to do some things a little differently. Research your options to find the best solution for your family.

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